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The company is in possession of three forged hammer free fall and KJ133 KJ 25 and KJ54 forging press line and a line of 2,500 tons forging hammer with pneumatic system KJ 290 and complete equipment, including stoves and heavy and semi-heavy presses with single machines as well as a human resources expert, committed and experienced, the ability to produce parts weighing up to 90 kg in a closed forging method is capable of.

  • Parts for light and heavy vehicles

  • Railway industry

  • Cement industry

  • Oil, Gas and Petrochemical

  • Agricultural industry

  • more

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Technical staff and support specialist knowledge and experience in producing

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The primary aim of this series of closed mold technique was developed on the basis of forged parts manufacturing and with this knowledge to provide the most modern technology the world according to international standards of the most prestigious companies in the domestic and global manufacturer and supplier.


Forging (Forging) work on metal mallet or pressing work and bringing it into a useful form. Forging is the oldest working art and its origin goes back to very ancient times. This process is used in large forces and work equipment are often very heavy.



A way to reduce the thickness (or change the cross-sectional area) components using two or more roller is long. 90% of steel produced in this manner are produced in metal forming processes. This method was developed for the first time in fifteen centuries.